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Jewelcraft coupled with 3D prototyping on functional products unlocks a new deminsion of design alternatives on demand.


1. Our initial consultation is where we discuss your ideas, requirements and parameters of your project.


We will go into detail regarding the the base elements (your parts or ours), specific design features, color schemes, materials and techniques that we can offer to best define the intended look and feel of your project. 

2. You will provided us with any revelent architectural details and we will begin the design phase providing you with 3D CAD files of our initial renderings.  Upon review of our proposed designs you can impliment new ideas or alterations.


3. Design revisions are reviewed, a scheme of materials, cost evaluations and lead-times will be prepared.  The last and final review will then take place.

4. The materials will be purchased and any base parts by you will be provided to Lilou locally and we will expedite them to our manufacturing facility in Italy.  


5. The magic begins through a series of processes that includes prototyping, the fusion of metals, first cleaning and polishing, precision tooling by our master craftsmen, gemsetting and/or enamel application, assembling of components, functionality test, second polishing and the final plating. 

6. The strictest Quality Control measures used in the jewellery industry are carried out through each and every stage of the manufacturing process as well as stringent Testing Parameters for functionality requirements. 

7. The finished product will be expedited ready for installation. 

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