Salon del Mobile 2019

The Salon del Mobile is a global platform for truly top-notch products with the emphasis on innovation. . A showcase that has always mixed business with culture, the Salone del Mobile is a big influence in the history of design and furnishing both yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Whilts the Salone itself is filled with top designers of furniture and interior design elements, Fuori Salone meaning "out of the Salon", is where a lot of action takes place. Found in the Milan Design District of Brera where cobble stone streets dotted with altiers and cafès team with internationally known designers alongside artists and curious pedestrians alike.

Lilou's "Water Jewels" were amongst the attractions brilliantly luring in the those in search for something new.

Designers from London, Singapour, New York, as well as Milano were invited to attend an intimate cocktail held inside the chic jewelry boutique where the "Water Jewels" could be viewed together with fine Italian jewelry by designed by Grazia Rossini of Rossini Jewelers.

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